Change Is Good: Media, Messaging & Global Village

23 Jan

For those of my subscribers that don’t know me personally, I am a Master Degree candidate at Marist College. It took me 13 years post undergrad to finally take the plunge to apply for and begin this program. Why, you ask? It’s the change thing… I hear it’s a good idea, but for the longest time, I wasn’t totally convinced.

The reason I bring up change and grad school is because for the next eight weeks, the concept of Eat, Love, Paleo is going to change. The eighth class in the Masters Degree series is Social Media Strategies and Tactics. This class will change some of the topics and dialogue of this blog. We don’t mind though, because after all, change is good right?

For my first non-food blog post, I want to talk a little about Canadian philosopher and Professor Marshall McLuhan. In his day, he was regarded as a well-respected media critic; personally I see him as more of a media psychic. He all but predicted the invention of the Internet with his “global village” theory, and his paradox, “the medium is the message” has changed the way I interpret colloquialisms and popular expressions.

Global Village:

One of the metaphors he gave is the role of the book, how it’s changed, no longer has sole control of our thinking and knowledge; we are no longer just a literary man! As part of the global village, today we have the ability to interact with and learn from persons we’ve never met, companies we admire, inventions like podcasts, online forums, YouTube “how to” videos, and the list goes on; we are now in the age of the tribal man. One contradiction though is McLuhan’s theory that the making of this global village or tribe is ridding us of individualism or that people are [going to be] no longer concerned with self-definition. On the contrary, I think new mediums such as LinkedIn and Pinterest are allowing for just that, the showcase and broadcast of individual tastes, preferences and talents.

Medium is the Message:

I think this theory is a great example of how we shouldn’t always be focused on the obvious. It matters not what you say (make, build, or invent) specifically, what matters is the environment and the effect on that environment. What new media has done is created a new environment, we’re in the predicated age of evolution and rather focus on the obvious (i.e. the message itself), the focus now should be on how and how often it’s delivered, its effect, and change (there’s that word again) as a result of the way its translated, communicated, or delivered. In other words, the car is not a medium, the medium is the highway, the car factories, and the oil companies; the medium is the effects of the car even being here in the first place1.


Marshall McLuhan’s foresights not only hold true today but also will continue to be seen as the evolution of media continues. I imagine if he were alive today, he’d show up to work everyday with a big fat grin on his face wearing a cool t-shirt (that he ordered online of course) bearing the words, “I told you so.” And the coolest part, we get to discuss his prophecies as a global village of people on a medium he told us was on its way over 35 years ago. The irony!

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4 responses to “Change Is Good: Media, Messaging & Global Village

  1. datecity

    January 25, 2014 at 12:39 AM

    Hi Nekesha,

    I like the way you introduced us to the new and temporary theme change of your blog. It’s engaging and personal, which is what social media is all about (in my opinion). This piece is also well written and laid out neatly.

    Also, I appreciate your take on McLuhan’s thoughts about individualism as it pertains to the new age of communication. I agree that Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Instagram allow people to draw others into their “world.” This blog page alone is evident how you can get your followers to see things from your perspective. I think the key is finding ways to attract people with common interests so that you you expand your brand (yourself and/or business). I also believe it’s worth connecting with people with opposing views and likes, so that you can gain new insights.

    Good job! I look forward to reading more.


  2. levitedre79

    January 26, 2014 at 4:55 AM

    Hello Nekesha,

    I think you did quite well for your first “non-paleo” post. Your take on McLuhan and his prophetic ways are intriguing and thought provoking. I was nodding my head in agreement as I read your blog until your interpretation of the “Medium is the Message”. A few points that you brought up I view differently in the translation of the theory. You mentioned that your exposure to Marshall McLuhan has shifted your view on certain colloquialisms and popular expressions. Can you give a few examples?

    The various interviews with McLuhan definitely present a different viewpoint on how we see the world in regards to new media and technology. The portion about the place of a book in our present day society resonated loudly with me. I personally gather most of my information via the internet, graduate school has caused a slight shift in that paradigm for me. It is amazing to note that even back when McLuhan spoke about the “global village” books were becoming second rate sources of info. The re-classifications of man by what form of medium they glean information is a very bold concept. I think it is a lot to define someone just by those standards, but shows the seriousness of McLuhan’s theory.

    I concur with your stance on individualism within this new global village. The advent of social media and the internet has caused people to truly stake their own niche in this world. The notion of being unique is celebrated now more than ever before. A certain sect of society will always lean towards just following the crowd, but they are slowly becoming the minority.

    In regards to the medium being the message, the obvious aspect is one of the key points of the theory. As technology advances, the way we receive our information directly has an effect on the occurrence. I believe the ‘obvious’ is important particularly for the fact of how one continues to pass on the message they have received. I think McLuhan’s theory touches upon an interdependence upon the medium and the message. The correlation between the two is continually altered as technology advances.

    Once again, great post Nekesha. I look forward to reading your future posts for the semester.

  3. schell2114

    January 26, 2014 at 10:26 PM


    Loved how you informed your current followers of the dramatic change that will happen to your blog. I think it’s great that you connect with your followers!

    I like how you listed you opinion of what McLuhan would be like if he still lived today. I personally see him being similar to the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckleberg. The kind of guy who dresses like a your average Joe and no one would really think he has a mind of a genius. You would also never know he is a complete genius unless you brought up a any aspect of communication.

    Great post!

  4. xoloraashleyox

    January 27, 2014 at 3:13 AM

    Hi Nekesha,

    I definitely agree change is good, Although I would still love to see food blogs! I myself have became a foodie and would love to enjoy learning new recipes and great tips!

    Back to what you wrote, I also thought Marshall McLuhan was a media psychic! Why do I say that is because as I was watching each video and the one that really stuck out to me is how he mentioned our connectivity future. He mentioned how sooner or later people will travel to different countries and study there, hence study abroad or exchange student. Also in that same video, he shocked me when he mentioned people are always back and forth and stuck in their ways and are unaware that they can easily do these things in close circuit. I automatically thought about our online class in the flow of his explanation. The obsession of society wanting to fit in to classifications and are automatically default to norms, when they really should explore the new ways of doing things because it opens the doors of new experiences. I felt that doing this online class has definitely created a positive fun experience. I am able to do what I love on a daily basis, get to go to school and simultaneously working a full time job. Without connecting with technology people are missing out and I think that is what McLuhan really exerts that media mediums and connectivity with technology help enhance our knowledge on a different level and quality of life!

    Great post!



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