When you eat better YOU will live better!

20 Feb
When you eat better YOU will live better!

My graduate school classmate (André) and I decided to interview each other this week for his blog; it’s a twist on guest blogging. The discussion pertains to healthy eating and the holistic approach to living your best life. Check out the original blog post below. #SocialMediaTactics at its best!

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Improving one’s life is a process that encompasses different areas to be worked on.  A holistic approach is necessary to becoming the best YOU possible. You can not stimulate and work on your mental state and neglect your body.  The benefits of eating healthy are enormous and have long lasting effects. Today I am joined by fellow blogger Nekesha Green , as she shares some tips for a healthy holistic lifestyle.


André: What would you say is the first step to eating healthier?

Nekesha: Hey Andre first I want to thank you for having me as guest blogger this week. It’s always good to not only receive but give some perspective on topics that are close to my heart. To answer your question, the first step to eating healthier will vary per person depending on their/your goals. My goal currently is to shed a few pounds, gain some muscle and improve my…

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