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Drunk In Love!

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This week’s blog is dedicated to the throwback… you know – our favorite hashtag – #TBT. I know its not Thursday, but I’m just different, so today #TBT stands for throwback Tuesday. Stay with me now! So one of my good friend and graduate school cohorts, Eric Meisner, has a super cool blog dedicated to all things old fashioned, in other words, the throwback. Last week he talked about throwback eats and classic comfort foods. He threw me off with the pork chops and applesauce, but but I digress. His post made me reflect back to my childhood and all of the yummy eats (and drinks) that I had the privilege of devouring…

Growing up, I was such a picky eater, and oddly enough the things I enjoyed were very odd. Among many of my favorites were the 25¢ cartons of Jungle Juice, (lemonade flavor of course) or anything for that matter that I could afford to buy in multiples at the Bodega for under $1.00. Don’t judge me, times were hard in the 80’s. Nothing compared however to my all time favorite – Coconut flavored Yoo-Hoo. My mommy used to by them for me by the 6-pack and on a good day I would have both coconut and strawberry flavored milk… ahhhh the good ole days! Those days are long gone and so are the makings of Coconut flavored Yoo-Hoo. Moment of silence for all the flavored milks that are no longer with us…

Note: two thumbs down to the Yoo-Hoo people who decided it was a good idea to leave coconut out of the official Yoo-Hoo history & storyline. Never fail though, I found this cool 15 second video memorial for #TBT fans


The other day I was making my own milk and thought: I wonder what would happened if I tried to flavor this myself. Not only would it be healthier than the good ole 80’s concoctions of yesteryear, but also the possibility that it might not taste half bad spurred me to action. Yes folks, I made fruit flavored milk and it was amazeballs! Granted it’s no Coconut Yoo-Hoo, but it’ll do for now… that is until this petition to bring the original back to shelves is passed through congress.

photo 1


  • Cashews
  • Dates (pitted)
  • Filtered water
  • Coconut butter
  • Organic Strawberries (or whatever berry you prefer – I used blueberry in the jar on the right)

Are you interested in helping to revive the 8th wonder of the world? Cool I knew you would be.  Click here (using your Facebook or Twitter account of course) to sign the petition Love you, mean it 🙂


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Cinnamon Apple Scones

So I found out the other day from one of my Instagram followers (@juicingtips) that I have what is called a masticating juicer. This means that the slow auger, is a like a large drill bit or screw. As it turns, it crushes the fruits and produce and squeezes them against the outside wall of the juicer. Often the filter or screen is in the side of the wall and this forces the juice out. Since it does it slowly, it does not heat up the juice. This keeps the enzymes and nutrients at a temperature that they can survive at thus giving you the benefits of drinking them.

The downside is that I have a lot of leftover pulp that usually goes in the trash. I found a recipe from the civilizedcaveman site that allowed me to use the pulp from the apple juice I made yesterday.

These are Paleo Cinnamon Apple Scones that I plan to have as a snack each day this week (1 triangle section per day). The recipe can be found on his site (linked above).

Like I said, I used juicing pulp instead of the “minced apples” in his recipe.



Before (going in the oven) product.


Final product. They Came out GREAT! Side Note: if you are a lover of sweets, you may need to up the ante on the amount of honey you use or add sweeter fruits (i.e. bananas) but remember these arent generally super sweet. They are scones not brownies. LOL


BONUS: Red Delicious Apples I used for the recipe and the resulting juice I had left over. The non-processed, perservative free juice Makes for a great addition to breakfast!




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